Happy Endings

It’s all about the finish.   We are in the middle of quilt show season,  and I have been paying attention to the smaller details.  What makes the difference between a ribbon winner and one that doesn’t place?   What spurs us on to make another project?   What enables our quilts to get out into the world they were designed for?   What makes a beginner quilter want to make another one?     Why it’s the finish.        There are few quilters out there who never have an unfinished quilt in a bag or box hidden away,   but if you never finished a single one I doubt the hobby would last long.     The satisfaction of a done project, and the smiles it brings is heady stuff.     Accolades and appreciation fill a deep need for many people, and a finished quilt guarantees both.

Finishing details like straight, not wavy borders,  good quilting with thread ends buried,  and binding that has enough stuffing and good corners can be hard to achieve.   By the end of a project it is common for our attention to be on the new project we want to begin, or there is a time crunch that makes us hurry and take shortcuts.    But you shouldn’t do that,  a good finish on a quilt makes it more durable,  easier to take care of, and for wall art makes framing unnecessary.    That is why I will soon be adding a new class to our roster specifically on borders and bindings and other finishing methods.    I am working on the written directions now and hope to have it ready in time for you to finish all your holiday projects with some real flair.  If you need help be sure to set up an appointment.     Here’s to the Happily ever After!!!


Living Jewels by Geniveve Tracy

Tomorrow is our Crazy Quilt Club meeting so I chose to show you an amazing crazy quilt with some interesting finishing details.   You should be able to zoom in on it and see the non standard but just right for this project finishing.   Love those wired ribbon flowers.  The judges liked it too.    Have a great day.

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