A Crazy Idea

Back to school season is a great time for new starts,   and as a new semester begins here at the Shoppe I want to share with you the new structure for our classes and workshops. Each semester we will focus on one thing to Showcase.   Samples in the store, posts on the web and social media will add more information on the subject,  when appropriate merchandise specials,  and a workshop or two that will all support the same feature.   This semester our “Showcase”   is string, crazy and improv piecing.


Can I be the feature?

There are two new pages on this site,   one for the Showcase , with the exciting points, photos and details of some of the in store displays,  and any information on workshops that may go along.    This semester I have finally gotten to a project inspired by my string pieced Hexagon quilt from the 1930’s.   I will give you more details on that next week.


String pieced Hexagon from the 1930’s

As I said the Fall Showcase is all about string, improv and crazy patch.    It is a phenomenon that has been part of the quilt world for a long time.     The crazy rails quilt below has silks and velvets and all manner of fancy fabrics.     No batting but it is sewn on a foundation, it has a yellow backing and is tied.   Crazy rails in this manner work very well with men’s ties too.    Contact us if you would like to do a project of this nature.   You will need one session, 3 hours.      More info on the Showcase page.


Crazy rails,  possibly as old as 1900.


The other new page is our updated workshops page.   The new Skillbuilders workshops  are technique based projects that are scheduled by appointment.   We can do them for one to 6 people at a time,  and all the information needed to schedule is there.   These are some of our most popular classes, the ones we run over and over.    I will let you know as I add a few more,  ( several requests were made for a workshop to learn mitered borders/ inset seams,   and a good one for binding  so they are in the works.  )  We still also do private instruction on projects of your choice at an hourly rate.

It is my hope that this new workshop structure will allow more of you to join us on this amazing quilting adventure.     Please share your feedback,    Have a wonderful day.


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  1. Deborah Pavlich says:

    Sounds great. I love to try new things. Would love to do crazy rails.

  2. Deborah Pavlich says:

    Oh forgot-yes Jake should be a feature!

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