Two things

It is back to school time again.   Where did the summer go?    With cooler temperatures this week and good sales at the office supply stores my mind wants to do two things.   First, get organized,  and second start some new projects.    Maybe because I used to teach in the public school system, but I get excited to organize things more at this time of year than any other.     It is not something I am naturally good at so I have never underestimated the value of a new pretty binder and matching folders,   or some new pens and pencils.    If you have not noticed, I like to write with colored pens and my need for mechanical pencils is almost obsessive.     I also like to stock up on all manners of paper for the computer and drawing pads,  and every few years I need to get a new

IMG_6982 (3)

You can still get this year’s Row by Row

multi pack of water soluble glue sticks.  ( keep them in the fridge to extend shelf life by a great deal )  Back to school sales are fun.

Then it is time to tackle the fabric in the studio.   That part is harder because I seem to get side tracked with new ideas every time I try to clean and stack.    With limited time for such activities my home sewing room is usually a hot mess.   Customer work and other duties at home mean that a truly organized space is probably out of reach.     I have come to accept that,  and understand that it is much more important to be working and creating than to have a spotless studio.   There will always be stacks of fabric on just about every flat surface other than the cutting table,  and my two design walls will always be full.     I have accepted that functionality and organization may not be the same thing.    As long as I have maintained function in my studio it remains my happy place.   It is the place where all my ideas go to brew.   I always have things ready to go.    I am itching to get to work by the time I have put away anything.


At the shoppe, we are getting ready for the fall season too,   I am excited for some new things that will be happening.     That is all I can say at the moment,  but watch this space for all the news.


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