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This morning we had a wonderful Big Stitch Quilting workshop.   Once class was underway and everyone was stitching we got on to some very interesting conversation topics.   The creative process,  taking ownership of your own work,  the hand of the artist and “personalization”  were covered.    It was wonderful to watch creative women who had only met this morning connecting on a deep level.      As the last class member was leaving she brought up the question of hand-made gifts,  complaining that some people she knows would rather have a gift card than a custom-made for them hand made gift.   Although it makes me sad,  it is better to just take those people off the gift list.    I don’t have the time to teach them why a hand made gift represents a deeper level of love and caring than some off the rack at the grocery store ( you know it’s true ) gift card.

image1 (3)

It’s still summer, this was in my yard this morning

However,  the opposite is true also,  If you have loved ones who are supportive and truly appreciate the value and joy of a handmade gift, then it is the season to get started.    I know you don’t want to hear that,  but once the school year starts you know what happens to all the time you thought you had.        We can help you get going on good projects that can be done production line style if your gift list is large.   Just let us know.

IMG_6994 (2)

Castle wall Block – by hand


This Tuesday is the Castle Wall by hand workshop, there are still spaces so if you are interested let us know asap so I can have enough patterns made.  See the Classes tab for more info and a supply list.   Also next week is Crazy Quilt Club.    It will be a fun and creative week.


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