My trip was short but wonderful — just like my husband!!  Hee Hee.     That is him enjoying the underwater view of the sea liphoto (17)on tank at the National Zoo.   It is one of my favorite shots from the whole weekend.     It was very hot and humid so many of the animals were inside,   but we saw some wonderful things.   The second day we went to the Museum of Natural History and enjoyed the Insect Zoo,  and the Giant Squid among other objects of wonder.     That night we treated ourselves to a four star meal.   Can’t do that often but it was worth every penny.     It all has my creative juices flowing freely.    So glad we took the opportunity to have what may be our last family vacation.        The only ones who didn’t go were the dogs.     Jake waphoto (16)s very happy to come back to work this week.       He doesn’t like changes in his routine, especially when it means being apart from his people.

SO today was the first Big Stitch Quilting workshop.  It is such a great technique,  I know that if you try it you will love it.  There is another session you can still sign up for on August 11.

This coming Friday is our monthly night to be open late,  till 9,  and Saturday is our Block of the month.  We will be doing block number 8.    See you all soon.


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  1. SHARON CONLON says:

    Hi Diana Thank you for your input on the quilt the other day. Great cup of coffee next door. Thanks again. Sam. (Sharon)

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