The Mad Hatter had it Right.

photo 1 (5).JPGIt’s a rainy summer Friday.   I can’t think of any better way to spend it than on some indoor hobbies.   For me,  that is fabric  and music.     Being that it is also my birthday,  I don’t feel guilty at all for spending lots of  time on these things for myself today.      But it shouldn’t be just on your birthday or some other holiday that you stop the crazy  of life to do something that feeds your soul.    One way or another it should be part of every day.   I promise that spending evephoto 2 (3).JPGn 5 minutes each day on something that truly brings you joy will benefit your quality of life.    They say that stress is the number one cause of disease and anxiety,  and if you can reduce it by a simple and enjoyable five minutes a day then isn’t it a smart thing to do?       I thank my stars every day that I get to do something I truly love for a living,  but if you need to find your five minutes of joy outside of work that is ok too.

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We have two workshops this month that can help you find your joy,   Fabric Collage with Rene,  and The Zen of Free Motion.    The common factor in them is personalizing.   By this I mean using colors, fabrics, shapes, lines and patterns that are significant to you,  things that make YOU happy,  that bring you JOY.     Perhaps the Mad Hatter had it right,

“A Very Merry Un-Birthday to YOU!!”

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  1. says:

    Happy Birthday, Diana. Best wishes for a fantastic celebration. Katharine Torlish

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  2. Holly Harvey says:

    Happy Birthday, Diana! Hope you had a joyful day!

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