A Rose in any other Color—

is still a Rose.    and ours is based on Hexies!!

photo (14)
Rose Star by Harriet R.

  I am sorry I didn’t get a better photo of Harriet’s beautiful version of Rose Star from yesterday’s workshop.     She is planning on finishing it as a mat for the center of the table.    One of the things that always is fun about workshops is seeing how simply changing the fabrics changes the look so very drastically.    And when I schedule for the fall I will show you yet another color version.


Color is on my mind today,  we just got in an assortment  IMG_6993of polka dot fabrics,  in some great and useful colors.    In order to get some really  good prices they came to us without bolts,  so I will be winding them over the next day or two.   Some well placed polka dots can do wonders for a project!!
Don’t forget that the Row by Row program is underway.    Come get your pattern and  or kit!!

Lastly,  on Thursday the 29th we will open late,  at photo (15).JPGnoon, as I have a doctor’s appointment.

Congratulations to all the High School graduates !!!

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