Backgrounds for quilt blocks

I watched a documentary last night about a famous painting.    The historian doing the narrating spoke about the background for quite a long time.    My mind wandered.   I realized that the music playing softly in the background of the video IMG_6950was many versions of a song I know how to play on guitar.   All of a sudden the quiet background music was all I could hear.         SO then I started thinking about backgrounds in quilt patterns.

So many times the background is just there to support the main motif,   but I have always rallied against the plain muslin or white that is the default setting for so many quilts.     In recent years gray has landed in that category made fabric startoo.    Without realizing I was even doing it I have activated the backgrounds of several projects.   Fun with Fans has a fairly subtle checkerboard pattern in the background,    the  made fabric star from a recent workshop has a bright avocado green background,   and most recently,  a commission I am working on has a wonderful ombre fabric as the background,  which makes the background more exciting than the stars it surrounds.    There will be 9IMG_6990 (2) stars total,  and the backgrounds will gradually shade to a darker purple,   I only have one block done enough to show you,  I promise more photos when it is done.

So I ask you,  what exciting thing are you going to do with the background of your next piece?

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