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One of the things I learned the hard way when I was the Art on a Cart teacher in the public school system is that being organized made everything go more smoothly.     This is not something I am naturally good at so I hear it when you tell me how hard it is.    I still have to work at it all the time.    But I KNOW how much it helps so I keep at it.     It is amazing how much time can be saved,  giving you more time for the fun part.


Rose Star Single block.  Workshop June 22

The biggest thing that keeps me basically organized is the idea that if I have everything together for a given project I can get working on it much more quickly than if I have to hunt down the right ruler, can’t find my cutter,  or have to stop everything to wind a bobbin because I didn’t do a good job setting up.     I have been working hard to get my home studio organized.    Having that space ready to go on a moments notice is very good for productivity.     Lately I have had several things going that I carried back and forth from the shoppe to my home space.   Being organized about it has made all the difference.

Now I know that everyone has a different situation, and I wouldn’t dare tell you how to organize your life,   but I can be of help with quilt related things.      Here are some of the things that work for me.

I keep fabric sorted first by yardage ( approximately )    and then by color  ( roughly )    I use wire cube storage for most of it and pieces a yard or more get folded by being wrapped around my 6 x 24 ruler.    Ask for a demo next time you come in.

I have color sorted bins/boxes for chunk type scraps,  and  another set of containers for strip scraps.

I have a bucket on my cutting table that holds cutters,  both rotary, and scissors.

I keep an old portfolio from my art school days under my cutting table that stores my rulers.

I have milk carton type boxes for individual projects,  with fabric,  book/pattern,  and any special tools needed.   — in theory they can stack on top of each other to clear floor space.

I have two walls covered in felt or batting as design walls.

I use a written weekly planner and reminders on my phone to keep me up to date on deadlines and appointments.     When something important needs time to be worked on,  I put it on the calendar.

Here are a few reminders you can put on your calendar,

Tonight is Friday Night Lights,  we will be open till 9 pm.

Tomorrow our Block of the Month meets for Block Number 5,  at 9 am.

Rose Star workshop is on June 22.


Hope this helps!!!!



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