Memorial day

It has been a busy week.    I got a good deal of work done,  IMG_6984and I am ready to show you some of it.     I was so happy when I played with the Rose Star pattern.    It is the easiest and fastest way to do set in ( or Y ) seams ever.  They are even chain pieced.     If I didn’t have so many other things I had to get done this week I would have made more of them.    You only need a half width of fabric strip for each of the flower colors,  so playing with lots of fabric and color combinations would be fun.  You could easily make a whole flower garden!!    I plan on adding some more flower details with big stitch quilting.      Both  the Rose star block and big stitch quilting are on the summer schedule.     Sign up now and you guarantee a day for yourself,   couldn’t you use a break??

One of the other things I needed to get done this week was the finishing of the quilt top from the Victoria Findlay Wolfe workshop a few weeks IMG_6986back.    The center star was mostly done in class,  but I had enough of a stack of scraps that I wanted to add some more to it.   The triangle template I used to make the Ice cream cone border comes from the Victory Block Set   I love the way it turned the corners,   I think I will bind it that way when I get to that step.   Now to decide how to quilt it.


So I have a few reminders for you before I close for today,  We will be on regular Hours for the Holiday weekend,   but our town parade on Monday finishes right across the street in the park, so I am usually at the shoppe anyway,  if you see a quilt hanging out front feel free to drop in.     The following Friday is the First of the Month,  which means Friday Night Lights,    We will be open till 9,  and working on charity quilts.   I will also have my guitar on hand to share some tunes and celebrate all  the arts.   This is the perfect opportunity for you to come visit us if you schedIMG_6985ule makes it hard for you to get here other times.      Jake will be here too,  but right now he is worried that it will rain for the BBQ this weekend.

Be safe, be happy and spare a few thoughts this weekend for the brave men and women who lost their lives defending our country.   Happy Memorial Day.


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