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Most of my regular readers are people who sew and stitch fairly regularly.   The lucky ones find time for it almost every day.      I am included in this group.    So why if is still beneficial to take workshops in person?   ( as opposed to reading a book,  or even in an online class )    Obviously I have some reasons,  because I will be taking a workshop next week with Victoria Findlay Wolfe,  a quilter whom I admire very much.      Here are my reasons.

  • I want to get to know her as a person and personality
  • I like her style of work and want to have more insight into her working methods
  • She is teaching a variation I haven’t tried of a technique I really love.
  • I have some fabrics that I think will work well for the workshop project.
  • It forces me to stop doing paperwork and commissions and do something just for fun.
  • Other students in the group bring other fabrics, gadgets and tips that get shared that I can apply to my own work and share with customers in my shop.
  • doing this in person makes all manner of interactions,  social,  both social and technical easier and more immediate.
  • As a shop owner and teacher I sometimes need to take a workshop so I remember what it is like to be a student.
  • It is FUN!!!!!

    SPice pink table runner

    Spice pink table runner Handstitchers club project

Some of these may apply to you,  some may not,  but I highly encourage you to think about taking a real in person workshop at least once a year.     I am doing the scheduling for the summer and working on samples now.     We have some great things coming up, and two guest instructors,    Rene Pasquale,  and Kathy Velis Turan.    Both of them are quilt artists who have shown in galleries and been published.     They will each be sharing expertise on techniques vital to their work and designed to help you create more personally significant quilts.      More details will be announced soon.

The Shoppe will be closed Thursday Friday and Saturday of next week so I can take the workshop,  and then attend a wedding.    ( April 21, 22, & 23 )   I should have lots of things to show you when I get back.     Have a Happy Easter or Passover or Spring!!

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  1. Enjoy the workshop! Have a wonderful Easter holiday! Looking forward to teaching an art quilt workshop with you this summer! Keep me posted!

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