Humans have been sewing for at least 25,000 years.   Until the 1830’s it was all done by hand. – everything,  shoes, saddles, tents, beds and of coIMG_1952urse clothing  Almost from the very beginning there has also been stitching that served no functional purpose other than symbolic and/or decorative.   So the argument that embroidery is an ancient craft could easily be made.

This time of year,  it feels very natural to do hand work.   As we celebrate Veteran’s Day,   Thanksgiving,  and of course the winter holidays, connecting with the traditions that are important and remembering those that 1913labelcame before us are a contributing factor,  at least that is what I think.      As I work by hand, I can often feel the continuity of spirit that generations of stichers have created.   It is calming,  reassuring,  and helps me center in the face of many different types of issues.

Going forward,  we have several things to help you reach that same kind of calm through stitch.     For the remainder of this month the annual free Redwork pattern is available in the img_6837-2shoppe. This is the twelfth one,  hows that for a sense of continuity?     On December 15,  we have a hand piecing workshop,  and coming in January a new Hand Quilting Course that centers on designs that are easier to do by hand, and the best ways to apply them to real projects.       Join us and feel the sense of community and continuity that only handwork can provide.   –  and you will be making something lovely in the process!!!

Thank you to all the veterans and their families that have helped us preserve all that we as Americans hold dear and insure that our wonderful country can preserve its continuity too.

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