Love those Log Cabins

I know this is off schedule,  but with Friday being a holiday again,  I figured it was better to get this out to you now.    We will close at 3 on New Year’s Eve,  be closed on New Year’s Day and Kindred Spirits Club will start off the new year on Saturday morning ( Jan 2) at 9 am.   It should be a good way to kick off the year.    There is a spot in the club that has opened so if you have a friend who wants to join you on this fun journey let them know,  and they can join us on Saturday.

When I was a kid,  my folks once took us to look at new log homes as they were considering building one on some property they owned.   I expected Little House on the Prairie,   but some of those buildings were nicer than our house.    I was amazed by them.     Mom and Dad decided they were too expensive and that was the end of that idea.   They were probably thinking Little House too.


Split decision,  Kindred Spirits January Project

Log cabin quilt blocks can be pretty fancy too.   The simple and classic version is still great,  but there are so many ways to vary it that in some cases the original form is hard to spot.     This January seems to be a log cabin month here at the Village Fabric Shoppe,   the Kindred Spirits project starts with a courthouse steps version of good old LC,  and I have nearly done the sample of Horizons,  that begins its life as a Half LC and moves on from there.    That one will be on the schedule in  February.


Horizons,  February workshop dates TBA

It’s hard to believe that both of these projects start from the same base block.   Changing colors and some of the details can make a huge difference.   You could probably spend a lifetime making log cabin quilts and not duplicate yourself.   even my dear friend the Pineapple Block is a log cabin variation.       I hope to have the January – April schedule worked out over the next week or so, so keep an eye out and get ready to mark down some dates on the new calendar.     See you all in 2016!!!!

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