The Big Tease

IMG_6681This time of year is full of all sorts of temptations,  from pumpkin flavored everything,  candy corn and Apple Pies to less caloric items like all the new fall fabrics that the designers wave in front of our faces.    Even if you are not going to quilt market or the annual show in Houston,    Social media and quilt magazines flaunt all sorts of new goodies.      The hardest part is that once the lovely new goodies are ordered we often have to wait for spring for them to be delivered.    It’s the big tease.    Believe it our not I have already ordered fabrics that will come in for next Holiday season.   Yes I mean 2016.    I hope I remember what great idea they sparked when they arrive sometime during the summer.

Kindred Spirits Pillow cover in  progress

Kindred Spirits Pillow cover in progress

In the meantime we have lots of great things going on here that are keeping me busy and distracted from at least the fattening temptations of the season.    Kindred Spirits Club will kick off and then we have an all day Basics of Crazy Quilting workshop with Diane Johnson,  both on the 7th of November.    We also have a free motion quilting workshop with Teri Lucas on the 14th.   Kindred Spirits is full and the other two are filling fast so if you are interested please contact us quickly and get your name on the list.      Now is the perfect time to get some good things going to sustain us through the winter and while we wait for the new goodies to arrive.

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  1. says:

    Hi Diana,

    Please reserve a place for me in Basics of Crazy Quilting. Nov. 7

    Let me know what I need to bring to class.

    Thank you.

    Ann Lewis

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    • Ann, I think you will enjoy the workshop, the full supply list is on the website under classes and supply lists. Just scroll down. If you need help choosing feel free to come by the shoppe before the workshop and I can help you out. -Diana

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