Those Pesky Projects

Fat Quarter Table Runner  workshop in October

Fat Quarter Table Runner
workshop in October

Before I get to the promised subject of todays post,  I must let you know that next weekend is the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show,  and we will be there vending.  As a result of this show ( and because the rest of my family will be at the NY Comic Con ) we will close at 1 pm friday and all day Saturday.   If you need me please join us at the show.  It is in the gym at Dutchess Community College so it should be easy for you all to find.    I will have lots of good stuff in my booth,  and I have it on good authority that this years quilts are excellent.

Can I help you finish?   I'd love a new quilt to snuggle on!!!

Can I help you finish? I’d love a new quilt to snuggle on!!!

Now to those pesky projects.   You know, the ones you have to force yourself to work on,  or sometimes even think about.   We all have them sometimes.   It just isn’t going well,  or you have lost interest,  or life got in the way and you had to stop and now can’t get going again,  or any number of reasons.    The first thing to determine is if it is indeed something you need to finish.    Go back to when you were excited about it and look at why you wanted to do this one in the first place.   Was it learning a new technique,  taking a workshop with a friend, or from a big name teacher?    If the reason for the project has been satisfied then you don’t need to finish it.    I know some of you think that is heresy but keep reading.

Audition new fabrics !!

Audition new fabrics !!

If your reason for the project is still valid and you need to get it done then the hard part starts.   Now to figure out why you have stopped working on it.   If you no longer like the fabrics then a trip to the Shoppe is in order so you can replace one or two and alter that.    Are you having trouble with technique, then the internet, a friend,  guild or local shoppe can probably help you figure out the issue and/or find another way to work it out.     If you are not working from a pattern and need help seek out a local artists group or bring it to our Explorer’s Club meetings for some discussion of aesthetics and other inspirations.   ( next meeting October 27 )  If you have simply lost your momentum then read last weeks post.

The biggest thing is to keep a positive attitude and open mind.   Sometimes a radical alteration can make it more fun again.   Maybe that quilt doesn’t need to be bed sized and you can use the parts you have done to make something smaller,  like a pillow, table runner or tote bag.   If you just cant get the points to match can you hide them with buttons or applique?  If getting the tops done is your issue and you don’t want to pay someone to quilt them for you then consider tying them,  or get two for the price of one so to speak by using a pieced top on both the front and back.    You will reduce that pile of quilt tops much faster by using them two at a time like that.    One of the reasons we started our Work in Progress Wednesdays events is to help you all with just those pesky projects that — ahem — need a little help to get done.

Each person and each project is a different case,  so if you really can’t get it going it’s time to move on.   Find a charity sewing group who might want it,  bring it to the transfer table at guild and let someone else enjoy finishing,   trade with a friend,   share with the local home economics classroom,  or scouting group,  there is almost always someone who can benefit from the work you have already done on it.    The last possibility is the most extreme,  but every once in a while there is something that deserves it,   if all else fails,  get some marshmallows and throw it on the bonfire.   I guarantee you will feel better as you watch it burn.


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2 Responses to Those Pesky Projects

  1. Jane says:

    I have to say: if you really want to finish some projects, I can vouch for Diana in this blog spot!!!
    One time I had 5 or 6 that needed to be finished. She was rite there helping me piece my projects n helping to design also. That yr she allowed me to have my own quilt show at her old store around the corner from the new place. We called it janes UFO’s. The whole process was very rewarding!!!
    Thanks Diana! Wish you were here…..I need to do it again!!!!!

    • You had lots of projects to finish and you did a great job on all of them. I think the only thing I miss about the old space is that we could have a gallery like that. I’ll have to see if I can find an actual gallery that will show quilts. When you are in New York again stop by, miss you too. I’d love to see your new projects.

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