Happy Halloween

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday.   I remember being a kid and arguing with others who thought Christmas was better because you get presents.    But for Halloween you can be anything you want to for a day I countered.    We never did settle that argument,  but I still love Halloween,  and delight in the costumes of those who show up at my door for their tricks and treats.    I don’t dress up the way I used to,   but I am no longer in a phase of life where I have a need to be someone else for a day.      I like who I am every day.     IMG_1920

Another reason I like Halloween is that it is the most creative of holidays.   even those who do nothing creative the whole rest of the year will carve a pumpkin or attempt to make a costume.    This photo is my daughter cutting out the pattern for part of her costume.    She began with great enthusiasm,  but schoolwork and other obligations ensured that Mom finished it for her last night.   She wore some of her outfit to school today, and will be photographed in the complete outfit before she goes to the party tonight.     I promise to show you,  she decided to go Steampunk.   It is a kind of Victorian Steam Powered Industrial Sci Fi look inspired by Jules Verne in case you were not aware.    She carries it very well.

If you are in need of re igniting your own creative spark and carving the Jack o Lantern wasn’t enough then come take a workshop with us.   Next Friday is Carries Inlaid table Runner,  a simple to piece pattern that doesn’t look that way.    With several assembly options it is a good way to fan that little creative spark so it can become the flame that we all want our creativity to be.      We also have several books that will help you get more creative in stock right now.    The Little Spark  by Carrie Bloomston,   is one such book that is just out.    It has all the hallmarks of becoming a classic work on increasing creativity.    Get your copy today.

     Have a Happy Safe and Creative Halloween.



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