The Art of…

These days,  everything seems to be referred to as  The Art of…..   whether it is Quilting,  woodworking,  cooking,  music,  or painting,   and you know there is an art to all of it.

IMG_1916Last night Roundout Valley HS and Red Hook HS bands put on a combined concert.  With only 45 minutes of rehearsal time together they did an amazing job.   It was a moving example of how an art form ( in this case orchestral music )  can bring together human beings and enrich the world.  These kids had never met,   the audience was very diverse,  and we all shared an amazing experience,  the final number got a standing ovation.     If you ever doubted the power of art to make a difference all you needed to do is see the pride and joyIMG_1917 on the faces of everyone involved in that show.

Tomorrow night my husband is having an opening for his paintings at the AFA Gallery in Soho.    In order for me to be there for him,  the shoppe will close at one pm.    His work is fantastic,  and he has worked hard to bring it to the world through the function of the Fine Art World.    ( )   His work has touched the lives of many, to the point of several examples of tattoos of his images.

Most of us don’t need to enter the fine art world,  or tattoo a favorite image on our forearm. We can apply the  principles of design and composition,  the play of color to any form of creativity we indulge in.   The wonderful panels pictured here reproducing famous paintings arrived at the Shoppe just yesterday.    I can’t wait to get my own fingers going on them,  and to see what wonderful things you all create from them.   The hardest part is done for us in this case.  Colors chosen,  design and composition in place,   let your imagination run with it!!!    If your tastes are softer  the adorable Teddy bears also arrived.   For some great ideas on how to use panels like these go to   By the way, we have added a new page to this site with links to lots of free project downloads that use fabrics that we carry.  IMG_1915

In the Quilt world,  one of the aspects of the Art of Quilting that often gets brushed over is the design of the actual quilting.   In our fast paced world, many quilters simply pay someone else to do that job.   It can be expensive to have custom work done,  and  so many a great quilt top is completed with ho-hum quilting.    If you have the desire to get past this hurdle then our workshop,  Choosing and Using your quilting designs that runs this Tuesday Morning  ( Oct 21 at 10 am ) is for you.  Learning how to choose designs that are in harmony with the design, and  function of the top,  and skill levels of the quilter is often glossed over.   Making intelligent choices for this is just as important as choosing the right fabrics for your piecing or applique.   Bring your tops,  your stencils and be ready to take your quilts to the next level.     See you soon,  and keep making and loving Art.


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  1. Diana — what a moving and wonderful post! As I often say “Art is powerful……art heals, art cures, art sends a message that can change the world…art is powerful”. Continued blessings for a happy and creative life! Best wishes and congrats! on your
    husbands opening exhibit!

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