Learning Curve

Last night we had the second class for the Log Cabin Quilt

 photo (23) photo (24)

These are some of the quilt tops in process.   Especially in a beginning class, the learning curve is different for each student,   as is speed of sewing and processing the information.    One of our students was on a new to her machine as well,  adding another dimension to the curve.   As I watch and guide each student their level of relaxation and calm increases and the learning curve seems less steep all of a sudden.   It evolves from a rough climb up the side of a huge mountain to a gentle hike with amazing views.    This is the truest value of taking a workshop from a qualified and trained teacher.     You can learn a basic technique from many sources ( in theory,)  but only in the hands of a caring teacher or mentor do you really absorb the information and make it your own.      Check out the Classes and events page on this site for our other offerings this fall.

Please remember that we will close at 3 pm on Friday the 11th and be closed Saturday the 12th for the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show.  We will be there vending.   There will be some good bargains in our booth and about 130 quilts on display at the show.    We have discount admission coupons,  driving directions and raffle tickets for the amazing and entirely handmade quilt that is being raffled off.      See you all soon.


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