I have been busy making lots of projects over the last few weeks.   I have several family occasions in June that require quilted gifts,  and  of course I am having a ball getting the samples ready for Art Camp and Journaling.

After much deliberation I have finally decided to use the word Joy as the theme for my sample journal.    I considered using,  happiness,  healthy,  wealthy,  success,  Love,  fame,  creativity,  and a few others,  but in the end decided that Joy underlines all of those things, and is a nice energetic and colorful word.    When choosing a theme word for this kind of project you really do want to choose something short and to the point of what you want to have in your life.     “Feel better” still implies illness,  where “healthy” is exactly what you really want.     So for me,  Joy was a great fit.   Joy is what I want to feel in my life,  and what I hope to share with you all also.     Many of you have heard me tell you that what matters in the end is that you are happy with your project,  in other words it should bring you Joy!!     I seek Joy for everyone that comes into the shoppe.     Journaling around a theme word can help bring the energy behind that word to light in your life,  join me on a Joyful journey.   Details are on the events page.

Tomorrow the Crazy Quilt Club will meet at one,  check the page under recurring events fro upcoming date changes for Crazy Quilt Club.     Our Block of the month will be meeting on May 4.     See you all soon.

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  1. Kate says:

    Diana, I wish great Joy for you!

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