Stars in class

Check out some of the results of the String Star workshop!  We had so much fun that several of our class members have decided to make the quilt bigger, and we have decided to meet one extra time just because.      Love it!!  

String Star Student work  If you missed this class, don’t worry,  I love string piecing and may do a version of the tutorial I shared on our Facebook page later in the year.    It got my wheels turning and you know how that goes.       

Please be careful out there if we get the snow that is expected this weekend,   and don’t forget to check our workshop pages so you don’t miss something exciting.


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    diana, they have a different look online, don’t they? pretty cool!!! I’ve got them stuck in my head and dream about them. I forgot to ask you helen fairburn told me I could get her phone number from you. she is afraid to give it to me online…….thanks for providing a wonderful outlet for my stress with the classes and the class room for your students, I love it!!!!

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    • Sometimes seeing your work in another form, like a photograph, can help you to see the big picture. I love the way these are turning out, and I am glad this has been beneficial to you. Keep it up!!

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