Spooky Snow?

With many Halloween festivities this weekend,  I expect there to be lots of Black and Orange, and maybe some purple around.    Trick or Treaters in Town on Saturday, and on Halloween itself are always fun.  However,  it is hard to believe that there is a chance that we will have snow on the ground again this year.  At least most of the leaves are down, unlike last year.     It is hard to make the first snowfall of the year spooky.    I guess we will see the Witches flying on snow shovels instead of brooms. 

Our Crazy Quilt Club will have their meeting tomorrow,  and the next workshop is the scrap therapy runner that begins on November 2.    We haven’t done a scrap therapy project in a while, and this is a good one.   Be sure to pick up the pattern early,  there is some cutting to do before class.   Beautiful Valley, our Block of the month will  meet on November 3, can you believe we are almost done?    

As you deal with early winter storms,  it is a good idea to have projects on hand for times when it is better to not go out,   we can set you up to make lots of good gift projects,  or even just something for yourself ( don’t you deserve it?  )   And while I am thinking of it,   we follow the Red Hook Central School District snow closing policy.   If the schools are delayed or closed, we will reschedule.    I will also post here and on Facebook as soon as possible.     Lets hope we don’t need to use that information any time soon.    It hard to make spooky snow.


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