Re Do Groundhog day?

Yesterday was Groundhog Day.  When my hubby made a joke about the Sonny and Cher song from the movie, Groundhog Day,  we had to explain the plot to my daughter.     Later I started thinking.  If you had a day to do over again, what would you do differently?   I’d love to take the high road and swear I would skip the cream pie dessert,  but my constant wish is to spend more time creating.   One of the reasons that I like to do handwork, and keep a sketchbook is that I can do both of these in stolen moments.   They require little setup and cleanup,  they can be done anywhere,  and I find both practices to be stress reducers.    If I could do over any day I would make just a few extra minutes for one or both of those activities.   I am always happier when I am creating. 

If you want to take some time out for creative activities we can help you get started, join our Art Play Day on Tuesday,  or sign up for the hand stitched Mandala workshop that begins on Friday the tenth.    We also have the Block of the Month Meeting tomorrow.    Heart Strings will conclude this Thursday, I’ll post some photos next week.  As usual check the workshops tab for more info and supply lists.     



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