Lucky 13

Well, it is Friday the 13th,  and despite the horror movies of that name,  13 is a lucky number in traditional chinese households.  Since my hubby grew up in one,  I prefer to think of it that way.    So much better to think of things as positive.     Yesterday, the ladies began their Heartstrings Pillows with some Therapy sewing to make the heart appliques.   Free form sewing like that can be tricky to get started on if you are used to more structured block forms,  but boy did they embrace it in the end.      One of them even had some silks and fancy fabrics that really made it luxurious.   Machine quilting at the next session, I think they will embrace the One Line at a Time Method too.    

This Tuesday, we will begin the Rail Fence lap quilt.   This pattern is a great one for guys, babies and college students.   With not many colors to have to choose, simple construction,  and a bold graphic look,  every quilter should make at least one of these.    Class is Jan, 17 & 31, from 10-1,  more info and supply list is on the workshops page.

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